Change Your Mindset - Not Your Goals


It seems like when I set goals, they don’t have much bearing on my actual day-to-day work. I get a lot done by setting my mindset and direction instead.


Most goals are more about your results. But the key is your mindset. So, begin by resetting your mindset and it’s more likely the rest will follow.


There’s a lot of talk about goals and goal-setting, especially at the beginning of a new year. I have a number of problems with goals, most of all they don’t help me achieve more.

  • Goals are results, and thus not in your control.

  • Goals are ends, not the path to reach them.

  • Goals focus on actions and results, not the thinking to get there.

  • Goals are are fixed, not fluid.

I don’t set goals for the year, instead I set my mindset, direction and priorities.

Set Your Mindset, Not Goals

Mindset is your way of thinking that translates into behavior. (And behavior gets things done.) A couple of years ago, I spent some time reflecting on my mindset and identified areas that needed to change.

  • Stop complaining and either accept my situation or take responsibility to change it.

  • Constantly do things that move forward.

  • Finish projects, rather than just “working on” them.

If you want to get more done, begin with a hard look inside. How you see the world flows from your mindset.



Replace mindsets holding you back with mindsets that would move you forward. Just shifting these mindsets began to produce new results in terms of getting things done.

Plus, I was much happier. I looked forward to working because I felt more in control of my thinking and translated thinking into forward-moving behaviors, which produced motivating results.

See the pattern?