The COACH Model with Dr. Keith Webb


Here at CGD we are passionate about seeing people reach their potential and achieve the goals that will grow them personally, spiritually, and in business.  I am passionate about this because I had a personal experience with Coaching that impacted me for the better and allowed me to move forward in life. This did not come out of thin air or because I am an amazing person (even if that is true). I was introduced to the Coach model through a book by Dr. Keith Webb called The COACH Model for Christian Leaders and it truly was a paradigm shift in how I thought about interpersonal relationships and communication. This impacted my life so dramatically that it lead me to pursue more training and begin to help the people around me find their potential and remove what was holding them back from their goals. 

After training with Dr. Webb and understanding all that Coaching had to offer I began a journey to receive my Coaching Mastery Certification and ICF Credentials. My goal when I started was simply to help people discover the breakthrough that I experienced through Coaching. While I would love take credit for all of this I felt the need to give credit where credit is due and invite you to check out Dr. Webb's book or find out about a Coaching Course near you and learn from someone who has taken years to develop a model that has helped so many. 

To find out more about becoming a Coaching Mastery Student or to get a copy of Dr. Webb's book check out his website and get involved.